Tanzania is gifted with diverse energy sources most of which are untapped, these include biomass, hydro, uranium, natural gas, coal, geothermal, solar and wind.

Coal reserves in Tanzania are estimated at 1.9 Billion Tons , 25% of which are proven, according to the Tanzania Minerals Audit Agency (TMAA). Production of bituminous coal in Tanzania rose significantly during 2010-2013, from 179 MT to 128,920 MT. In 2018, Tanzania produced in excess of 600,000 MT tons of coal, of which 90% was consumed domestically.

We at SHTL, understand the rising importance of Coal transportation across the East African region. With a capacity of transporting over 20,000 Mt of coal per month. We provide the right type of Long Haul Trucks and Tipping Trailers to haul large quantities of coal from kitai( Songearegion ) to various reputed clients all over east Africa.