Aggregates and Bulk Cargo transportation services in Tanzania

Transportation of any goods and services vary from product to product. In the similar manner, transportation of aggregates has distinct needs which are based on its shape and size. Aggregates play an essential role for any construction business and thus transportation of such a product requires safety, reliability and cost effectiveness. Specialized Haulers Tanzania Limited (SHTL) recognizes the needs of the customer and has been providing them with the most affordable and trustworthy services since many years. Being the leading aggregate suppliers in Tanzania, we hold the capacity of delivering 3,500 tons of crusher material from Lugoba to Dar es Salaam per day. Having an experience of many years has helped us support our clients with an absolute logical support solution to lower the cost and have an extremely reliable transportation of the material.

A team of highly trained and reliable drivers with an excellent logistic management team at SHTL continuously strives to serve the best. Before taking onto any assignment, the truck drivers are briefed well and post completion of the assignment, a detailed feedback is collected by our team in order to enhance our clients experience with us.

SHTL also provides its client with the most efficient cargo transportation services in Dar-Es-Salaam. With a strategic bulk transport location, we have been able to offer a cost effective service across the region. Major commodities transported in bulk by us are- fertilizers, clinker and wheat grains. Our capacity of discharging over 8,000 tons per day and transporting the product with complete safety and reliability has helped us maintain trust with our clients and partners. Bulk importers like ETG inputs, Premium agro, ETG cargo, Twiga cement, 21st Century Food and Packaging are our trusted partners, to name a few.

Transportation of Goods Across Tanzania

With an evolving world like that of ours, transportation has become an essential component of any business. An increasing need of daily transportation of goods across regions has established a competitive market today. For companies moving goods in and around African markets, two factors- high cost and time taken seem to be challenging. We at Specialized Haulers Tanzania Limited (SHTL), help our clients in overcoming the challenges they face by providing an efficient and reliable delivery of goods like coal, aggregates and bulk cargo. Based in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania, we have a fleet of 70 well-kept trucks pulling 3-Axle Tipping trailers with loading capacity of 30-32 tons.

Coal transportation is one of the most essential services across the African region. SHTL holds the capacity of transporting over 20,000 Mt of coal per month. With the help of long haul trucks and tipping trailers, large quantities of coal can be hauled. With an experienced and well trained team, we have a history of providing our clients with excellent services in terms of reliability, efficiency and facilities. The GPS tracking facility installed within every truck helps us keep a check on the trucks and eliminate any time related issue.
Apart from coal transportation, SHTL is also a cargo transport company. With Dar-es-Salaam being the primary Tanzanian port handling about 95% of international trade, we have been handling transportation of any type of bulk cargo across the region. Our capacity is that of discharging over 8,000 tons per day and ensures our client a safe delivery of their product from the port to the destination. Commodities like fertilizers, wheat grains and clinker are majorly transported by us.